The value of pearls

The value of pearls

Pearls are one of the most valued gems in the world. They are the only gems that are produced by living creatures undersea. These rare pearls are produced by Mollusks, especially oysters that live in saltwater or freshwater. Once pearls were only made by nature, but because of its slow occurrence, they are now being cultivated. Pearl jewellery is loved by everyone however it requires more care and attention. Pearls, being amazing in looks and rare in findings, has so much value and worth.

To determine the value of a pearl, first, we need to establish some facts like whether it’s a natural pearl or a cultivated pearl. Natural pearls hold definitely more worth as they are created by nature and are rare. That’s why natural pearls cost more than cultured pearls. Still, nowadays cultured pearls are more common. Cultured pearls are grown in oysters processed in the same natural way, but they are kept in farms for better care.

Apart from the pearls origin, value and worth of pearls are determined by the following factors also:

1. Colour

The colour of pearls plays an important part in determining its value; there are so many colors of pearls available whether it is natural or cultured. Pearls hold significant colours like black, deep green and grey. Some common pearls that are fetched from the freshwater, hold white, pink, lavender, and peach colour. Sea pearls have colours like white, silver, golden and champagne. The most valuable pearls are white and pink colors.

2. Shape

For pearls, it is set that the most valuable shape is round. However, it’s rare to find a natural pearl that is perfectly rounded. A round bead is inserted to make the perfectly round shape of the pearl. For cultivated pearls, a piece of tissue is used to shape it. The other valued shapes are oval, baroque and drop.   

3. Size

The pearls sizes are measured in millimeters. The comparison of sizes can only be done on the same type of pearl. So size can only be an additional factor among others to determine the value. The bigger the size, the more value it has.

4. Quality 

A pearl’s quality is determined by its overall look, sharpness, and reflections. A high-quality pearl will always look sharp and have bright reflections and has a brilliant shine that it almost looks metallic. The quality of a pearl depends upon layers of nacre on it. Thick nacre makes the pearl luxurious and durable, and in result increases its worth.

Pearls are also an investment, which requires a small start-up and great outcomes in organic, eco-friendly luxurious jewellery. Pearls are a great source of a bond between humans and nature for centuries. So before buying and spending your hard-earned money, consider these factors and choose wisely. There always should be a balance of the gem's quality and worth with your styles and desires. With due care and cleaning, pearls are a very durable and valuable gem that can stay in your life forever.


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