No wedding accessory is better than pearls

No wedding accessory is better than pearls

Not many people know this, but pearls are actually a traditional part of a wedding in many cultures around the world. They signify something old and something new. They are also telling of a woman who is stepping into a new life and letting go of her old one. It is the symbol of marriage that emerged in the Victorian Era. If you still aren’t convinced here are a few reasons why there is no better wedding accessory than a pearl. 


#1 Greek origin And Western beliefs

In Greek times, a bride wearing pearls would actually signify innocence and happy marital life. Today, like many other greek myths and beliefs, that significance is still adhered to in the West. In Western societies, women wear pearls to show the beginning of a wonderful new life. A life that is bountiful, brave and full of love. 

#2 It Goes With The Dress

Pearls traditionally and authentically are always pure white and what matches better with the white wedding gown than a white pearl. Although pearls are expensive, they are mostly handed down through generations. This way you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg. If you by any chance don’t have pearls as an heirloom, don’t worry! You can always purchase some via our website.


#3 Increases The Level Of Elegance

Pearls are by nature extremely elegant and graceful. You would not find someone wearing pearls at a rock concert after all! Pearls at a wedding show the world that this woman has the grace and elegance rivaling a Queen. It doesn’t matter if the pearls are on your hair, ears, neck or your wrist, they will help you even more elegantly than before. 


#4 They will compliment you  

Pearls have a way of suiting everyone. It does not matter what size you are, what race you belong to or even what social standing you have. Pearls don’t have any prejudice against who wears them. No matter who you are, they will provide you with grace, beauty, and innocence that you didn’t even know you had. They will compliment you in a way that no other jewellery would. And what better a day than to wear these ‘complementing’ pearls than your wedding.

#5 You Love Them

Last but not least, the main reason pearls are the best wedding accessories is because you love them. You are wearing these gorgeous pearls, not because they are expensive or because they are an heirloom. You are wearing them because they mean something to you. They make you feel like your look is complete. Like you are the most beautiful girl in the world, at least today. They set you apart from the crowd, more than a white dress and veil already is. They give you a sense of confidence that you might have been lacking and you are wearing them with pride. 

Unveiling Pearls sells Swarovski pearl jewellery. All our jewellery is handmade. We celebrate the uniqueness of a woman and this is reflected in our designs. We do this by making one pearl different from the rest. We want the woman who is wearing it to look at it and remember how unique she is, to feel empowered by the reminder that there is nothing and no one else like her our there!


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