5 elements for your Spring home decor


Spring is a season of freshness, and after long months of winter, it’s also a season many eagerly anticipate. While taking long walks to smell the blooming flowers is a great way to enjoy and explore spring, you can also take it a step further by designing your home’s interior with a spring theme. This means trading the subtle, cozy hues of winter for a dynamic and lively pop of colours, floral accents, and so on.
To prepare your home for the spring season, here are five elements perfect for a spring décor!

Handmade Vases

Vases generally are wonderful elements for home decoration. However, during springtime, colourful vases are the perfect pick and what better option is there when seeking brightly coloured vases than handmade vases? Handmade vases are quite guaranteed to provide the captivating hues and tints needed to create pops of colours in your space. For your spring season décor, consider arranging flowers within your vases or simply set them up to compliment your interior design.


Coasters are lovely dining pieces that are often known for their functionality. However, did you know that when chosen and displayed properly, they can also enhance the appearance of a dining table as well as an entire room? When chosen right, coasters can serve as decorative pieces that display the dynamicity of spring in your home. They can also provide contrasting textures to a table’s setting. To enjoy your coasters this spring, opt for cheery colours such as green, turquoise, blue, yellow, or floral patterns.


An image of spring can easily be conjured by sunshine, rainfall, and flowers. This makes flowers an inevitable element of the spring décor. There are so many flower arrangements you can combine to bring spring into your home and these flowers can be displayed on kitchen counters, dining tables, bookshelves, windowsills, coffee tables, bedside tables, and a mantle. When choosing flowers for your home’s spring décor, consider the overall colour scheme you are going for and choose flowers to complement it!

Pillows and Throws

Pillows are fantastic pieces when adding touches of spring to your house, especially when you’re not redesigning your space entirely. This spring, consider opting for floral pillows for your bedroom and throws for your living room. If you aren’t big on floral patterns, vibrant colours will also do the trick. Is your space’s theme white or grey? Mix it up with peach throw pillows or teal. With flowers and vases that match this color scheme, you can have your spaces feeling lush and springy!

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are lovely elements that bespeak a cheerful weather and mood. Go for portable baskets and display them amid bright walls, your window, or filled with flowers. This way, their outstanding texture and hue can enhance the springiness of your home!

After cold winter months, spring is a season to be explored and enjoyed to the fullest. With all of these elements combined, your home’s interior will feel beautifully springy this year!

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