What Is Statement Jewellery?


You’ve probably been hearing the phrase ‘statement jewellery’ for a while now and even own one, yet you’ve never really understood why it’s named so. In fact, you wonder: what could ‘statement’ mean in this phrase? Well, like the word itself connotes, ‘statement jewellery’ is one that is clear and definite. It is not subtle. It is not mild. Rather it declares itself in its sheer size and bold design. It proclaims. Moving further, it’s a visually striking piece of jewellery that takes center stage in a person’s ensemble. So if the very first article you notice when meeting an acquaintance is their accessory, then it certainly is a statement piece.

The key elements of statement jewellery include:

The Colours: Statement jewellery is distinctly attractive and this largely owes to their brilliant colours. These captivating accessories either come in bold, single hues, or a merge of colours that are impossible to miss. This could be bright yellow, white, pink, and blue, or attractive merges of orange and yellow, white and blue, and white and pink. Statement pieces can also have black elements but often the blacks are designed to pop rather than blend in.

The Sizes: Statement jewellery is typically larger than the average accessory. They are voluminous and enrapturing. Since size can be relative, in this context we can also describe statement jewellery as jewellery with bold dimensions. So if you feel it’s bold and striking, then it’s a statement piece.

The Shapes: Statement accessories have unique and intricate shapes that create a strong visual impact. For instance, a pendant is usually the most attractive piece on a necklace. With statement necklaces, however, the cord itself is a show stopper crafted with colourful beads in circles, rectangles, squares, and other beguiling shapes.

So if a piece of jewellery has stunning colours, large dimensions, and intricate shapes that draw even a wandering gaze, it most definitely is statement jewellery!

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