Get Your Jewellery Fix: Who said you can’t look good during lockdown?

 Get Your Jewellery Fix: Who said you can’t look good during lockdown?

Since the Lockdown, our lives have dramatically changed. Our routine of getting up and dressing to impress may seem like something of the past. Makeup bags and jewellery pieces are sitting there probably collecting dust simply because you haven’t felt any need for them throughout this period.

But does this new life mean that you can’t look good during lockdown? We still can do the things that make us feel good about ourselves. Looking good shouldn’t always be about impressing people you barely know, it should be about YOU! How it makes you think and feel. 

So why do we think you should still be making an effort? Because you need it right now. Let’s be honest there is so much going on with negative things happening in the world that’s out of our control. Thankfully you still have control over what you do, how you look and how you feel through this period. 

A few tips from us!

Still dress to impress! But for you!

If you work from home, this one is going to be essential to your mentality and productivity. I don’t know about you, but I do not feel my best when lounging in front of the laptop in PJs. Dress to impress you. How does it make you feel? Do you feel ready and raring to go when you have got your attire on? The one person you will still most certainly see through all of this is you!

You may be more relaxed in terms of not dressing up every day but make an effort to do it at least a couple days a week. See how it lifts your mind and helps with your mentality.

Glitz and Glam it up

Every day may seem like it's the same, but we encourage you to get up and put on your best jewellery. It could be as simple as a set of elegant pearl earrings, or it could be your loudest jewellery statement yet. There is something about jewellery that can help to lift your mood, especially if you have pieces that have a meaning or mean something to you. They can be reminders, or they can be simply something that brings you a sense of joy and happiness.

Makeup or breakup

The last thing you want to do is come out the other end of this not feeling good about yourself. A little something such as applying makeup can have effects on us that you probably never even thought of, similar to dressing to impress. You don’t have to go full coverage, but you can apply your favourite lipstick, maybe even some blusher, something that adds colour or personality. 

Do you for you

When we talk about mental health, we forget that the things we do day in and day out directly impact this, whether you think it does or not… it’s facts. Try and commit to yourself and how you are feeling right now. There is no better time to be making yourself and your mental state stronger than before this lockdown kicked in.

If you fancy updating your jewellery box with something unique, check out our online jewellery store. We have something for all of you x

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