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Jewellery shopping tips for her

Are you planning to gift your favorite human jewellery but can’t make a choice? You’ve probably thought about asking for her opinion but don’t want to ruin the surprise. If this is your situation, you don’t have to ruin the surprise! All you need to do is find out her preferences, and you can get right to buying her the perfect gift!

With this guide below, you can get that special lady a jewellery piece she’s going to love!

1. Go for her favorite item 

The first thing you must consider when buying jewellery for a picky person is their favorite jewellery item. Is she obsessed with earrings? Would she rather lock herself indoors than head out without a necklace? Observe her and find out if it’s earringsnecklacesbracelets, or even anklets she loves most. When you figure this out, go for that item!

2. Choose her favorite colour

Buying jewellery in her favorite colour definitely is the safest route to take. If she constantly gushes over blue pearls, then you should seriously consider getting her those. If she loves black, white, silver, gold, bronze… whatever it is, just pay a little extra attention and choose an item in that colour!

3. Does she have allergies?

The last thing you want to do is gift your relative or friend with jewellery she is allergic to. Make it a point to find out if she’s allergic to metals or any kind of jewellery. The answer to this will guide you to the perfect gift.

4. Choose something that suits her personality

When looking through rows of jewellery for your loved one, make sure you consider her personality. Is she a drama queen who loves being the center of attention? If so, statement jewellery may just be her thing. Does she dress like Princess Diana and happen to act like royalty? Then consider pearls! Using a person’s personality as a guide when buying jewellery always works like a charm. 

5. Choose what will look good on her

After putting all the above into consideration, make a final decision based on which will look best on her. You can use her colouring as a factor for this or even her fashion sense. 


With all of the tips above, you can get your loved one jewellery that will ‘wow’ her. So how about you give them a try and start shopping!

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