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Three Back To Work Tips


After a long break from the office, you no doubt want to look your best when you reunite with your colleagues. You want your clients to see that you’re back to succeed and to present yourself as a boss lady. And there’s no better way to get that chic, classy look than with the right jewellery! 

Three earring looks you cannot go wrong with when returning to the office include:

  • The Statement Studs

If your taste is lodged right between simple and bold or you want to try out a style along that line, then statement stud earrings are the perfect pick to return to the office. The size keeps them minimal while the stunning colours scream bold. Pair these with an outfit centered on neutral colours and you are all set to go!

  • The Sophisticated Drop Earrings 

On that first day back at work, you want to wear jewellery that is professional and stylish, and drop earrings certainly do the trick. Drop earrings accentuate your face with their shapes and colours without detracting from your professionalism. 

  • Little Hoop Earrings

While big hoop earrings may be too much for a work environment, little hoops work perfectly. And unlike with big hoops, you can pair your small hoops with necklaces, bracelets, rings, and any other jewellery you want to feel strong and capable.

Resuming work at the office after a break can be nerve-wracking, but your appearance can bolster your confidence greatly. So how about you get your bold earrings and try out these looks above for a great first week?!

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