How To Take A Great Selfie

How To Take A Great Selfie

We all love a great selfie –especially those that have us looking like supermodels! However, if you’re a regular selfie taker, then you must’ve noticed that they don’t always come out looking great. On some days, little effort provides the perfect selfie, while on others, even with maximum effort, they still don’t look good. Worse is when you urgently need selfies for a particular purpose e.g. for your birthday post on Instagram, or to show off your new hairdo and give your hairstylist some credit, and can't get a good shot. Luckily, with certain tricks and tips, you can quickly become a selfie master and look great every time you hold a camera up to your face.

For tips on how to take a great selfie, keep reading below!

  • Find the perfect lighting

You probably already know this so here’s a reminder; find the perfect lighting before taking a selfie. Natural lighting has the best effect for pictures hence, instead of standing close to a light bulb, stand in front of your window or on your balcony. Good lighting expels shadows, keeping your picture bright and attractive! And if you want your selfie taken indoors, then make use of a ring light to optimize lighting.

  • Use your flash only when necessary

In truth, camera flashes aren’t as great as they seem. Sure, they’re supposed to make your pictures brighter but often they do the opposite. So, unless you’re in a dimly lit place like a club or out on the streets at night, seek other sources of light.

  • Wear a nice statement jewellery

Wearing statement jewellery is a great way to enhance the effects of your selfie. It adds colour to the portrait and draws attention to your neck and ears. To get a great selfie, wear a bright-coloured statement piece that flatters your colouring.

  • Be mindful of your background

Be mindful of your background when taking a selfie. Even if it’s just a small portion of it that will be showing in the picture frame, that small portion can make or break your selfie. Look for a nice background like a cute wallpaper, a garden, or even the sky to get a great selfie!

  • Show off your dimples!

Everyone looks beautiful when they smile so don’t be scared to show off that prize-winner. When smiling for your pictures, make sure it’s genuine. Often, when people force smiles in pictures, they come out looking like a grimace or worse, a forced smile! You don’t want that. So think of something funny or pleasant and ensure your eyes are smiling just as brightly as your lips.

  • Find your angle

Finding the perfect angle can be tricky. To succeed, keep the camera up and your chin down. Ensure your phone is at the same level as your eyes and look into the camera. 

Bottom Line

When taking a selfie, don’t overthink it. Simply relax and tell yourself that ‘I’m beautiful and going to look great anyway’. This confidence will also go a long way in giving you that great selfie!

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