How to keep your jewellery safe in summer and while swimming

Jewellery safe in summer and while swimming

Whether it is for a casual summer outing or a sharp, up to the minute look for the office, any outfit can be updated with the right piece of jewellery added into it for a little glam and a fancy touch. That is why jewellery has been loved by people from all regions of the world has been a part of many cultures for centuries upon centuries. Jewellery has long since become a part of our everyday outfits, from a gorgeous wedding band to a simple necklace as a memento. But anything that is used daily requires care so it doesn’t diminish and reduce in quality.

Jewellery, in particular, requires certain care to keep in good shape and form, especially in the summer season. The heat and light from the sun can affect specific kinds of jewellery or metals, and since we’re talking about summer, one can’t forget swimming and sunscreen. Chemicals in sunscreen, water from the ocean, or chlorinated water in pools can seriously damage your jewellery, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style! This blog will tell you how to keep your jewellery safe, especially in summers and swimming.

#1 Keep It Away From Summer Body Products:

Research and experiments have shown that the chemical in any summer body products like sunscreen, sunblock, tanning lotion, or sun protectant spray that keep your skin safe can have a reverse effect on your jewellery products. Such chemicals can dull the sheen of your jewellery and make it lose colour.


#2 Make Sure To Clean It After Every Use:

Think of it this way. Your jewellery has had a long day of gracing your body and upgrading your look with the perfect glam according to your outfit, working dedicatedly to steal the spotlight for you wherever you go. For all that effort, it deserves that you gently clean it with a damp cloth to rid it of the whole day’s moisture and sweat.

#3 Coat It With Jewellery Protecting Spray:

The atmosphere is bound to affect your jewellery, especially when it is in constant use. That can cause it to tarnish and lose its quality. The easiest and quickest way to prevent this is to use a jewellery protecting spray; the protectant will battle the harmful elements of the atmosphere and keep your precious bling safe.

#4 Keep It Safe From Chlorine Or Other Chemicals:

When stepping into the ocean or diving into a pool, which contains chlorinated water, it is best to take off your jewellery as the chemical will damage the luster, especially if it is plated. But if for some reason you cannot take it off, make sure to use jewellery protectant spray.


These simple tips will help you take care of your jewellery and keep it safe from the summer season, sunscreen, and while swimming. Most importantly, remember to give your jewellery some rest, so it can have a break from continuous wear to reduce the chances of tarnishing. With these tips, don your style to the max without a worry!

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