Dos and Don’ts When Wearing Statement Jewellery In Autumn

Autumn is nearly here! This means it’s time to pack up those breezy summer wears and take out your snug cardigans, cute boots, and, of course, bold statement jewellery!

While most people anticipate Autumn for the scented candles and hearty pies, fashion lovers look forward to the interesting style changes the season conveys. And of course, this change brings about questions on how best to style clothes and accessories to get that stylish Autumn look. For insight on how to style your statement jewellery this Autumn, here are some key dos and don’ts.

Autumn Statement Jewellery Dos

  • Wear statement jewellery in jewel tones

Jewel-toned statement jewelleries are the perfect choice for Autumn, mostly because they look fantastic against materials like suede and leather –which are autumn staples. So this Autumn, consider wearing ruby red statement earrings, emerald green rings, and citrus yellow statement necklaces with your outfits. 

  • Pair statement jewellery with polo necks

Step out looking elegant and sophisticated this Autumn with statement jewellery paired with a polo neck. Polo necks are a Autumn favorite and though stylish, they can sometimes appear very simple. To make them pop, wear them with bold, chunky jewellery that will ensure you stand out.

  • Experiment with colours

One of the best things about statement jewellery is its bold, appealing colors. This ensures that even when wearing a simple, monotone outfit, you can still get a dramatic, dressy effect. So add a nice pop of colour to that all black/brown outfit with statement jewellery this Autumn. Also, keep in mind when mixing and matching that the colours you decide on must complement each other!

  • Combine statement jewellery

While one chunky, colourful jewellery piece will definitely make a statement, consider pairing two of them with your outfits this Autumn. You can choose to combine your jumper, jeans, and boots with statement earrings and bracelets to get a bolder look. To make this work perfectly though, ensure both statement jewelleries have similar colours!

Autumn Statement Jewellery Don’ts

  • Don’t wear statement necklaces with scarves

Autumn fashion largely involves scarves, which raises questions on how best it can be worn with other accessories. Now, while it’s not ‘wrong’ to wear statement necklaces with scarves, it doesn’t always appear fashionable. This is because, wearing a statement necklace beneath a scarf will conceal it and wearing a necklace on top the scarf may make your outfit look bulky.

  • Be careful not to overdo it

When styling your layers and statement jewellery, be careful not to overdo it. Wearing too many pieces of jewellery over too many layers or patterns will give you a stuffy air. To get the right balance, decide on the item you want to get the most attention. If you want the spotlight to be on your statement jewellery, opt for a simple outfit. And if you want the attention to go to your outfit, opt for a single statement piece. This will keep your look chic and classy.

  • Don’t mix too many colours

As mentioned earlier, if you decide to step out wearing two statement jewelleries, go for jewelleries of the same colour. Also, limit the colours on the rest of your outfit to one or two. Wearing too many different colours (e.g. yellow statement earrings, purple statement rings, a pink dress, and white shoes) won’t work well. So decide on two to three colours that complement each other and combine them!

With all of these Autumn jewellery tips above, you can step out looking and feeling like the bold, beautiful woman you are. So how about you put them to practice and move with confidence?!

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