Introducing.... Unveiling Beauty


Welcome to Unveiling Beauty!

Unveiling Beauty officially launched in August 2021 by Pamela Adeyeba. Pamela is a Forbes Featured entrepreneur, certified counsellor, make-up artist and young women's mentor.

Previously known as Unveiling Pearls Jewellery, we rebranded to Unveiling Beauty to make way for expansion of our new collections of jewellery, homeware and skin care, which will be released throughout 2021.

Unveiling Beauty is about empowering women by reminding them of their individuality. As a creative person, Pamela wanted to use some of her creative skill set and passion to deliver this message through jewellery.

Our parent company, Unveiling Pearls, also founded by Pamela runs workshops for young women on self esteem and inner beauty. The vision of Unveiling Pearls is to provide young women with the tools they need to embrace their uniqueness by challenging the way they perceive themselves and the way they think.

The vision for these businesses came out of Pamela’s experience of battling with shyness, second guessing herself and questioning what she could possibly have to offer. By combining these businesses, Pamela aims to empower of the whole woman - both inside and out.

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