7 Great Ways To Wear Your Earrings

7 Great Ways To Wear Your Earrings

7 Great Ways To Wear Your Earrings 

There are numerous advantages to wearing ‘up in your face’ jewellery. In the winter months when you have to conceal your wrists and neck with coats, scarves, and high collars, earrings are the one accessory that always stand out nicely. Also, unlike with necklaces, you don’t have to worry about matching them with the style of your collar. So come snow, sunshine or rain, earrings are accessories you can enhance your look with all year long! 

For great ways to wear these perfect pieces of jewellery, keep reading!

  • For online meetings

When preparing for online meetings via apps like Zoom, your goal should be to look presentable without doing too much. Luckily, earrings can give you just the right amount of dressiness you need. They transform your entire face and outfit, making your simple blouse or ponytail look more professional. 

So for your online meetings, choose a pair of statement earrings that complement the colour of your outfit. You can pair blue earrings with a white blouse or red earrings with a yellow dress.

  • Food shopping

While shopping for food at the market or the grocery store may not be the dressiest occasion, it wouldn’t hurt to pay some extra attention to your appearance before you step out. You never know if you would run into an old school friend or that guy you’ve been eyeing. So make sure you always accessorise with earrings. 

Because earrings are small pieces of jewellery that have a major impact, they can make your denims and shirt look even better. To increase this effect, go for earrings that compliment your eyes!

  • For work

Looking stylish when going to the office does not only attract people to you, it also boosts your self-confidence. When you take a glance at your mirror before heading out and see how good you look, you will feel confident enough to approach any colleague, manager or client and walk through any door! 

Statement earrings are the best accessories to achieve this stylish work look. Regardless of how you style your hair or the top / dress you wear, statement earrings will stand out gorgeously. Don’t forget to match your earring colours with your outfit!

  • For hanging out with your friends 

If there’s one thing that is sure to happen during a hangout with your friends, it’s selfies –lots and lots of selfies! Now while some of you may choose to leave the pictures on your phones, others may want to share them with their social media followers. This means you have to look lovely so that you can appear great in every shot. To do this, style your hair nicely and wear some earrings. Ponytails / slick backs with statement earrings can be great for this occasion as the combo will give you a youthful and fun look!

  • For Dates

There are many items that go into creating the perfect date look and earrings are top three. Earrings draw attention to your neck and chin, enhancing your feminine vibe. When made to match with your outfit or other accessories, they create a stylish and elegant look. So when choosing what to wear for your date, make sure you get some nice earrings to go along with it!

  • Night outs

Bold, catchy earrings are great for night outs. This is because even in the dimly lit night they stand out remarkably. And despite their size, you can always go for statement earrings that aren’t too heavy on your ears. This way you can party all night long without feeling uncomfortable. 

Also, an amazing fact about bold statement earrings is that they make the wearer feel bolder. So when you wear them for night outs, you can navigate the night with confidence and have one of the best nights of your life!

  • For weddings 

Weddings often have a classy and elegant theme that pearls fit perfectly into. Also, since it is a rule of thumb that wedding guests wear simple jewellery instead of statement pieces that may draw attention from the couple, pearl earrings are the perfect accessories to achieve a simple and elegant look!

Earrings are jewelry pieces every woman should have. So how about you get yourself some earrings and feel like a queen every time you step out!


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