5 Ways To Wear Your Pearls

5 Ways To Wear Your Pearls

Over the centuries, pearls have symbolised elegance and class, and at these modern times, their symbolism has only grown stronger. Why? Because all around the world, pearls are unarguably one of the most unique jewels. Everything about their luminous, soft colour steals the heart, and best of all, they complement every hair and skin tone. This versatility is a major reason you should be filling your jewellery box with pearls. 

So if you admire pearls and would like to try them out, or you have pearls and are unsure of how to style them, here are some amazing ways to wear your pearls.

  • The Sleek Way

Pearls are perhaps the most delicate jewels out there, which makes them perfect for sleek dressers. A single strand necklace of pearls will give your formal outfit or slightly-casual dress a touch of elegance. To flaunt your style with pearls, you can pair a single strand necklace or bracelet with bold coloured clothes, allowing the curves of the pearls to enhance the contrasting hues of your attire. And if you’re a subtle colours lady, you can also go for neutral or pastel attire so the pearls can blend delicately with the entire ensemble. 

  • The Practical Way

A fun fact about pearls is that they aren’t just for genteel occasions and can be worn even on casual outings. Skirts, trousers, jeans, polonecks, whatever your job or routines puts you in, pearls add that stylish touch to your ensemble. 

For a spark of glamour, don pearls on your wrists where you and everyone else can admire it all day. And if your job description makes wearing bracelets a tricky affair, go for necklaces. You might just be surprised at how stunning one can look with a string of pearls around your polo neck jumper and a nicely fitting pair of jeans. Or a free dress with pearl bracelets and heeled sandals. For long work hours, you can keep it limited to one to three strands of pearls with short lengths to stay comfortable.

  • The Fun Way

Pearls come in several tints and colours. This, of course, gives an air of edginess to a gemstone that can also be formal. Choose long pearl necklaces that graze your navel or necklaces you can twist over more than once. Or combine different colours of pearl bracelets like blue, pink, and black to make bold statements. Paired with a pair of boots, sunglasses, and makeup, you can be sure to achieve an ultra-fun and edgy look!

  • The Glamorous Way 

Now for a refined look, pearls are the perfect jewellery choice. Go for a pearl choker or single strand pearl with a classy, yet flattering black dress and voila, you’ll become the epitome of class! Complete this look with gorgeous stilettos and chances are you’d never want to get out of the entire ensemble. When going for a refined look, keep in mind that black and pearls go scrumptiously together, even better than bread and butter!

  • The Artsy Way

If your style is artsy, pearls should be your go-to jewellery. To enhance your style with pearls, make it the item that balances a mix of colours. So throw a rainbow coat over a pale or beige dress with pearl bracelets and necklaces and turn the streets into your runway!

Pearls are fabulous jewellery that suits every style preference. From sleek to practical, to glamorous, to fun, and artsy. And the best thing is, they are timeless! So how about you start getting pearls of all shapes and designs for your wardrobe?

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