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A strikingly bold design to make a standout statement at any occasion.

Strength of Character

Valerie symbolises strength, bravery, and fierceness. The design itself clearly indicates these qualities with its bold style, perfect for matching with other chunky or bold jewellery. Not to mention the golden colour scheme, which gives it that sense of high class fashion.


Feel as though you're getting your own, unique pair of brass earrings, thanks to their handmade design. Cut from raw brass and connected together by hand with talented expertise has resulted in the beautiful Valerie - raw brass earrings like no other.

Bold Yet Simple & Beautiful

The Valerie Brass Earrings feature a dangle design that utilises a geometry approach for a bold and extravagant display. The large circle shape is complemented by a curved rectangular underline, connected together via a link, creating an intriguing expression. 



  • Dimensions: L 7cm x W 5.4 cm
  • Raw brass finishings
  • Lightweight


About Brass

These earrings are raw, untreated brass. Raw brass has a rich and textured finish to it. When new, the brass will be bright and shiny, though over time it may form minor abrasions and darken. These imperfections form part of the materials appealing aesthetic, though if a clean and lighter finish is preferred then it can be easily restored.  

To clean the brass, you can simply use brass or metal polish, or various home remedies, including using toothpaste. To clean the brass using toothpaste, simply apply a small amount using a clean cloth, leave on the brass for a few minutes and then wipe it away again and you should instantly see a noticeable difference. 



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