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Eccentric and captivating with the use of geometry and a luxurious gold colour scheme.

Feel Powerful & Beautiful

Nobility, strength, and power and the three defining traits of these Adira brass earrings, reflected by the design's characterful and enigmatic display. One can flatter their ears with this masterpiece to match their other brass/golden jewellery or to contrast against darker/lighter elements.

Flawless Geometry

By combining two distinct shapes together - a semi-circle and a long, sleek triangle - the Adira brass earrings flaunt an eccentric expression, one that will certainly not be overlooked by those nearby. Wear them if you plan on making a statement today!

Golden Brass

The golden raw brass material comprising the Adira dangle earrings is beautifully strong and adds to their overall theme, helping to show off your luxurious and noble side more prominently.


  • Dimensions: L 7.4 cm x W 3 cm
  • Raw brass finishings
  • Lightweight


About Brass

These earrings are raw, untreated brass. Raw brass has a rich and textured finish to it. When new, the brass will be bright and shiny, though over time it may form minor abrasions and darken. These imperfections form part of the materials appealing aesthetic, though if a clean and lighter finish is preferred then it can be easily restored.  

To clean the brass, you can simply use brass or metal polish, or various home remedies, including using toothpaste. To clean the brass using toothpaste, simply apply a small amount using a clean cloth, leave on the brass for a few minutes and then wipe it away again and you should instantly see a noticeable difference. 



Not sure if these earrings will suit you? Download our free face shape earring guide.


Earrings are dispatched within three working days.

Please note: While every effort has been made to photograph these earrings correctly, the colours may appear differently due to the difference in computer monitors. Since these are made by hand, slight variations and differences may occur.